Meet the Team


Peter schauben
(President and Managing Partner)

entered the retail gift industry in California in 1971. In 1975,he branched out into the wholesale arena with management in sales specializing in artisan based unique fashion, accessories and giftware.Peter is the founder of Gift for Life, a unified voice for the Gift Industry in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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Doug Cofiell
(Executive Vice President and Partner)

began his career as a sales rep  developing several territories in the Mid-Atlantic region and learning the ropes of the gift and home industry. In June of 2020, Cofiell entered into a partnership for co-ownership for Appelman Schauben.  Appelman Schauben welcomes his exceptional leadership skills, innovative vision and strategic approach in reforming Appelman Schauben’s company culture and dynamic.

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Sales Vice Presidents

Mary Crist
(Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing)

Division II Sales

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Diana Blackburn
(Vice President Sales & Administration)

Division I Sales

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Atlanta Showroom Staff

Alicia Chimento
(Senior Executive Administrator)
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Burke Price
(Showroom Manager)
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Brittany Waters
(Director of Marketing)
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Ashley Wilson
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Meet the Team
Sandy Webb
(Customer Service)
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Back Office

(VP Operations)
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Meet the Team
Maria Wood
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